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Invest Property in Malaysia


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Why Invest in Malaysia?
As one of Asia’s prime emerging property markets, Malaysia has much to offer worldwide property investors. Natural and economic factors are set to offer fast and significant growth potential in Malaysia.

Natural and Cultural Factors
  • Proximity to Australia, Bali and Singapore easily attracts investment and visitors from these countries
  • English language is widely spoken, creating ease and transparency in property purchase transactions
  • Warm climate with average temperatures of 21 to 30°C, enticing a year-round tourist trade
  • Exotic culture and food. A warm and friendly population and peaceful society
  • Great sports facilities, including golf, fishing, diving and other water sports
  • Stunning palm fringed, golden sandy beaches and beautiful holiday resort areas
  • Incoming Bullet Train between Metropolitan Singapore and Kuala Lumpur schedule to be completed by year 2016 will be a super plus point for investor. One can travel between cities in 1hour & 30 minutes journey only with possibility stop at Malaysia latest Southern jewel of Iskandar Area in Johor. Easy accessibility by flights and land points will push up the value of investment.
Economic Factors
  • Property growth of between 15 and 30% per annum
  • A surge in economic activity has created high demand for quality commercial and residential property to serve a growing expatriate community
  • Government incentives to ease foreign investment in Malaysia, including tax breaks and relaxation of laws governing foreign ownership of property
  • Low cost of living compared with many other countries. Correspondingly low buying costs and maintenance costs
  • High rental demand due to a strong tourist economy and an increase in commercial activity in large cities such as Kuala Lumpur
  • Malaysia is among the top three of all Commonwealth countries in terms of tourist arrivals
  • Easy access to Malaysia via cheap flights from Asian cities as well as from the UK (approx. £300 return)

Malaysia currently offers some of the best investment opportunities available in the worldwide property market. Rental yields and capital growth figures rate well amongst today’s emerging markets and a new spurt of corporate investments via investor friendly government policies, have boosted Malaysia’s economy to new levels. This, together with a booming tourist industry and the creation of new luxury resorts is creating an exciting property investment climate in Malaysia.
Intelligent investors are quickly making the most of today´s real estate market in Malaysia, while prices are low and opportunities still last.

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